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2/14/2022 at East Bay Raceway Park - Tampa, FL

410 Sprints - Winged: All Star Circuit of Champions

Terry McCarl

410 Sprints - WingedStartFinish
A Feature 1Time: 2357.7152210th
B Feature 1Time: 677.5252nd
Heat 4Time: 481.89586th
Qualifying 1Time: 13.7273627th

410 Sprints - Winged

All Star Circuit of Champions

A Feature

30 laps | 00:39:09.273Presented by FloRacing
13Tyler CourtneyIndianapolis, IN7BC
22Kerry MadsenKnoxville, IA11M
31Giovanni ScelziFresno, CA18
48Brent MarksMyerstown, PA19
510Justin PeckMonrovia, IN13
66Ryan SmithKunkletown, PA10X
717Tim ShafferAliquippa, PA28
84Parker Price MillerKokomo, IN11
912Tanner ThorsonBroken Arrow, OK19AZ
1022Terry McCarlAltoona, IA24
117Danny DietrichGettysburg, PA48
125Alex BowmanTucson, AZ55
1311Dylan WestbrookScotland, ON47X
1423Kevin Thomas JrCullman, AL9K
1513Conner MorrellBradenton, FL28M
1614Dustin GatesHaughton, LA6
1724Jamie MyersCaldwell, OH1
1819Paulie ColagiovanniBrewerton, NY10
1920Cody BovaStruthers, OH20B
2016Anthony MacriDillsburg, PA39M
21 (DNF)9Cory EliasonVisalia, CA26
22 (DNF)15Eric Riggins JrCharlotte, NC47
23 (DNF)21Wayne JohnsonOklahoma City, OK2C
24 (DNF)18Davie FranekWantage, NJ28F

B Feature

12 laps | 00:11:16.988Presented by Classic Ink USA
13Wayne JohnsonOklahoma City, OK2C
25Terry McCarlAltoona, IA24
38Kevin Thomas JrCullman, AL9K
44Jamie MyersCaldwell, OH1
510Greg WilsonBenton Ridge, OH97W
616Max StambaughLima, OH5M
712Danny SmithChillicothe, OH66
89Brian BellArlington, TN23B
97George Hobaugh JrChicora, PA40
1011Ben BrownMarshall, MO7B
1114Chris MyersCaldwell, OH25
1213Alan GilbertsonKasson, MN97G
1315Scotty MilanFort Collins, CO97
1418Brendan MullenGrand Forks, ND11MM
1519Chris MartinAnkeny, IA44
1617Ryan HarrisonRothwell , NTH197
1720Steve GloverRochester, NY121
18 (DNF)6Ricky PetersonRawson, OH2
19 (DNF)2Chris WindomCanton, IL19X
DNS-Aaron ReutzelClute, TX8


4 laps | 00:04:11.867Presented by Elliott's Custom Trailers and Carts
12Giovanni ScelziFresno, CA18
21Kerry MadsenKnoxville, IA11M
36Tyler CourtneyIndianapolis, IN7BC
44Parker Price MillerKokomo, IN11
53Alex BowmanTucson, AZ55
68Ryan SmithKunkletown, PA10X
77Danny DietrichGettysburg, PA48
85Brent MarksMyerstown, PA19

Heat 1

8 laps | 00:04:50.950Presented by Hunt Brothers Pizza
11Giovanni ScelziFresno, CA18
22Cory EliasonVisalia, CA26
34Danny DietrichGettysburg, PA48
43Dustin GatesHaughton, LA6
56Cody BovaStruthers, OH20B
68Ricky PetersonRawson, OH2
75George Hobaugh JrChicora, PA40
87Ben BrownMarshall, MO7B
99Scotty MilanFort Collins, CO97
1010Chris MartinAnkeny, IA44

Heat 2

8 laps | 00:05:24.777Presented by CSI Shocks
11Brent MarksMyerstown, PA19
22Dylan WestbrookScotland, ON47X
33Tanner ThorsonBroken Arrow, OK19AZ
46Tim ShafferAliquippa, PA28
54Parker Price MillerKokomo, IN11
67Jamie MyersCaldwell, OH1
75Brian BellArlington, TN23B
88Alan GilbertsonKasson, MN97G
99Ryan HarrisonRothwell , NTH197
1010Steve GloverRochester, NY121

Heat 3

8 laps | 00:04:26.827Presented by All Pro Aluminum Cylinder Heads
11Ryan SmithKunkletown, PA10X
24Alex BowmanTucson, AZ55
32Conner MorrellBradenton, FL28M
46Eric Riggins JrCharlotte, NC47
53Davie FranekWantage, NJ28F
65Wayne JohnsonOklahoma City, OK2C
77Kevin Thomas JrCullman, AL9K
89Danny SmithChillicothe, OH66
910Chris MyersCaldwell, OH25
108Brendan MullenGrand Forks, ND11MM

Heat 4

8 laps | 00:07:57.880Presented by Mobil 1
11Kerry MadsenKnoxville, IA11M
22Justin PeckMonrovia, IN13
34Tyler CourtneyIndianapolis, IN7BC
46Anthony MacriDillsburg, PA39M
57Paulie ColagiovanniBrewerton, NY10
68Terry McCarlAltoona, IA24
79Greg WilsonBenton Ridge, OH97W
8 (DNF)3Aaron ReutzelClute, TX8
9 (DNF)10Max StambaughLima, OH5M
DNS-Chris WindomCanton, IL19X


00:00:27.840Presented by Dixie Vodka
127Alex BowmanTucson, AZ5512.932
240Tyler CourtneyIndianapolis, IN7BC13.018
34Danny DietrichGettysburg, PA4813.057
46Giovanni ScelziFresno, CA1813.076
524Ryan SmithKunkletown, PA10X13.088
65Cory EliasonVisalia, CA2613.102
714Parker Price MillerKokomo, IN1113.140
819Brent MarksMyerstown, PA1913.227
933Kerry MadsenKnoxville, IA11M13.249
1032Justin PeckMonrovia, IN1313.264
1111Dylan WestbrookScotland, ON47X13.304
1239Aaron ReutzelClute, TX813.381
1334Chris WindomCanton, IL19X13.441
1420Tanner ThorsonBroken Arrow, OK19AZ13.453
1522Conner MorrellBradenton, FL28M13.453
167Dustin GatesHaughton, LA613.476
1723Davie FranekWantage, NJ28F13.481
1825Wayne JohnsonOklahoma City, OK2C13.500
1928Eric Riggins JrCharlotte, NC4713.518
2035Anthony MacriDillsburg, PA39M13.529
218George Hobaugh JrChicora, PA4013.557
2221Kevin Thomas JrCullman, AL9K13.580
2317Brian BellArlington, TN23B13.585
2413Tim ShafferAliquippa, PA2813.599
2518Jamie MyersCaldwell, OH113.680
2637Paulie ColagiovanniBrewerton, NY1013.692
2736Terry McCarlAltoona, IA2413.727
283Cody BovaStruthers, OH20B13.761
2926Brendan MullenGrand Forks, ND11MM13.797
3038Greg WilsonBenton Ridge, OH97W13.811
311Ben BrownMarshall, MO7B13.819
3230Danny SmithChillicothe, OH6613.820
3329Chris MyersCaldwell, OH2513.826
349Ricky PetersonRawson, OH213.853
3515Alan GilbertsonKasson, MN97G13.966
362Scotty MilanFort Collins, CO9714.035
3731Max StambaughLima, OH5M14.036
3810Chris MartinAnkeny, IA4414.138
3916Ryan HarrisonRothwell , NTH19714.242
4012Steve GloverRochester, NY12115.094

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